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Equipment Grant from the City of Canning

Equipment Grant from the City of Canning

Corinthian Park Tennis Club has received a grant from The City of Canning for equipment to promote the wellbeing of our members.

We wish to thank The City of Canning for the grant which will  be used for mats, foam rollers,massage balls with a laminated instruction poster.

Morag Hestelow
Vice president



THANK YOU CITY OF CANNING! The Corinthian Park Tennis Club sincerely thanks the City of Canning for a $2000 grant to assist us in our net post replacement program. This grant has enabled us to replace 10 net posts. The City of Canning has always been, and continues to be, a great supporter of our club.  Special thanks to Stephen Addenbrooke and Neil Morrison for sourcing a suitable contractor and transporting the post to and from.  Very much appreciated.

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